Hebron Lights

Jesus is the
          Reason for the Season

The magic is really due to a couple of computers doing the hard work. Each light is connected to a Light-o-Rama  computer controlled light controller. The first year I started out with only one controller. Wow was that a mistake, because each light, or string of lights, that was  included in the show needed to be connected to the controller. I had a ton of money in extension cords. Last year I added 2 more controllers and that made things easier because I was able to place the controllers near the lights and run just one power cable and one computer cable to each remote controller. In 2013 we are adding even now a 4th controller this will allow us to expand the show to the center of the drive way with some more cool additions. Below are some videos of the last 2 years.

Video of Christmas 2012

Video of Christmas 2011